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1920s Duplex Renovation (Spring 2024)

Project type

Full Home Renovation


Spring 2024


Westchester, NY

Design, Construction and Project Management

Landon Home Services took the keys and budget and managed this project from soup to nuts. We designed the style of the bathrooms and kitchen, brought the designs to life, and managed the budget and different trades that came and went throughout the project. Once we were finished, we handed the keys back to our clients for them to rent out. If you want a renovated house, but don't want to be involved in the process/day-to-day, we are the company for you!

The 1920s Duplex Renovation project involved renovating one half of a duplex, which served as a rental property for our client. After their long-term tenant moved out, Landon Home Services took on the task of designing and renovating two bathrooms, the kitchen, painting, refinishing the floors, and freshening up the exterior. This large project showcases our commitment to transforming and enhancing spaces for our clients.

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